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How to Go From Owner to CEO

Dear owner (or soon to be business owner) — 

My name is Ana Arenas, and I want to make you a special offer. 

Before I do that, you must know two things: 

  • First, this offer will make you at least a thousand times what it costs you (or you will not pay for it)

  • ​Second, even if you don’t secure this special offer, the words on this page will grant you insight and change your life forever, so read it all.

Let’s begin… 

Five years ago, two chefs opened a restaurant at the exact same time. 

Their “target markets” were the same. Both were great chefs and had worked at restaurants before. Everything sounded like a golden road.

Both chefs worked hard on the kitchen and front of the house, marketing and promoting their restaurants in their communities. One chef decided to learn business fundamentals. He knew cooking was not enough.

The business chef learned how to build a solid team and delegate and knew that he must focus only on the core of the business while his team did the rest. 

The chef-owner felt like a fireman. He had a high turnover, didn't know a thing about marketing, hated other business activities, and felt like the more he grew, the more problems he seemed to have.

One day he was a chef, another accountant, another hostess, and another a manager. 

The other chef-owner focused solely on recipes and his signature dishes. And the best part was that he could enjoy his family and go on friendly vacations.

He learned that the business is a reflection of its owner, so he must stay aligned, centered, and calm if he wants his company to thrive. 

Soon enough, he opened a second location. 

More people were signing up to work with him than he had room for. But he kept his priorities: work never crossed outside of its boundaries… nor did it need to. 

As the years ticked by, he accumulated more and more money from the restaurant. Eventually, there was enough that he started moving money into investment accounts. 

His small staff grew a bit but never got “too big.” 

He learned how to set goals on the business's financial, operations, and marketing side. He wanted more sales, revenue, simplicity, and some spare money to invest. 

These changes turned him into a CEO, a person who pulls the strings and leads with his strategy but not with his time. The difference between the two owners is that one became CEO, and the second continued to be an owner. 

A CEO can leave his business alone because he doesnt sell his time; an owner grows by working more time. In the end, time is not scalable, replicable, and cannot be left alone. Even though these principles seem obvious, 99% of business owners are business owners, not CEOs. 

The harsh reality is that this shift has nothing to do with luck, experience, or education. 

What is the difference between these two entrepreneurs? Really?

The Owner-CEO has a growth plan. He knows where he is and where he is going. He focuses on growth challenges. 

The second one is a business owner, and his main focus is on survival problems. A survival problem is something that must be solved, or the business will stop running, like payroll, a team, sales, leads, and cash flow. The worrying part about it is that the owner must solve everything or do that activity himself; this is why he cannot leave his business alone.  

The difference between an owner and a CEO is the kind of problems they focus on—growth vs. survival. 

Running 100mph in the wrong direction.

is worse than going slowly in the right direction

Here’s where I come in. 

I want you to understand that the goal here is not to stretch the rubber band. The goal is to make more with what you have to grow your revenue automatically. 

I talk to owners all the time. They all want more leads and clients. They believe that's the solution, even though they have no team, resources systems, and more sales mean work more time. 

This is the definition of a ticking bomb that will explode soon. 

Since 2013, I’ve mentored hundreds of individuals. I teach based on experience, what I've lived, and the people I've worked with. 

I’ve learned firsthand the power of having a suitable model from day one. 

What Is the Model?

A business must be built around automated, replicable, and scalable systems.

  • Automated

  • ​Replicable

  • ​Scalable

Here is how top-level business owners create businesses. They start from day one to implement systems and to lay a foundation. 

* Automations, meaning that they do not need time from the top executives. 

* Replicable. Having a model that works is like having a recipe; you can cook your recipe many times and always get the same outcome. Businesses with a sustained model can open many locations expecting the same results. 

* Scalable, money, systems, and time mean scalability. When you can scale, nothing will stop you.

"Sounds amazing! Now what?"

  • Separate yourself from your business

  • Automate your processes

  • Hire top-level players 

  • Maximize your resources to grow your revenue

It doesn't matter what you do… 

It's the same formula for any type of business. Because every business must be built with systems, and it's made by people. 

I have a solution for this owner-to-CEO transition...

Each month, I talk to owners, experience different industries, and apply these principles to my current businesses. 

We address what’s working; what’s not working; new methods we tested that worked; how different industries are navigating changes in the world and the markets; what marketing pieces are working (and how to model & deploy for your brand); and always a bit of mental conditioning for routine HIGH performance. 

This fixed MOST of the questions. But some folks still needed a little extra, so we added something else. 

LIVE Consulting "Call-In"

Let's face it; consultants are expensive. They sell their time, and it's only given to a few. What about the majority of business owners? How can you access the head and time of a high-level consultant?

How can you save yourself hundreds of times and money by implementing things known to work. 

This consulting created the perfect combination of knowledge and application. Learn the basics but learn how to apply them to your business. 

So if you subscribe to the owner-to-CEO memo, you'll get knowledge plus application. You'll get the game plan, plus a how-to.

Instead of charging $15k for this call — it’s included with a standard subscription of just $27.

The OFFER of a Lifetime

So here is the offer, and I want you to picture yourself one year from now. Which kind of business owner do you want to be? 

  • A fireman or a leader

  • A survivor or a trendsetter

The reality is YOU get to determine which version you will become. That determination starts here and now — not later, right now. And I've done everything in my power to make this the easiest decision in your business... 


The Owner to CEO Memo

A monthly actionable plan that will take you from a survivor owner into a trendsetter CEO. 

The first is that we're discounting it heavily from its normal price. Our thousands of subscribers will tell you that the full price is MORE than worth it and still too cheap for the product's value. However, you may not know me yet, and I want this to be a comfortable decision. 

For a limited time, you can secure a subscription to the Owner to CEO Memo (complete with monthly training, the Consulting "Call-In," and special access to our community), for a discount applied to the LIFE of your membership... 

The button below will take you to a private page that will sneak you into the backdoor of our system for $27 per monthBut that isn't the only thing... I'm also throwing in a few bonuses that I think will make a MASSIVE difference, right away, in your business. 

  •  Owner to CEO course

  • Spiritual growth course

  • A closed community of Business Owners

  • Monthly action plan & memo

These bonuses are worth over $4,000. And I'm going to send you each as a premium bonus at no cost to you just to test out this memo. I've already purchased copies and earmarked them for you -- so know that you won't pay anything for them if you can get your name in our system today. 

I think that's all I have for now — if you're still with me, I'll see you on the next page. 

I can't wait to talk to you and for us to look back at this crucial decision. Everything that happens a year from now starts right now and right now! 

- Ana

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